Whether it is a construction site or a large event, you may find yourself needing to rent one or more portable restrooms. Despite being something that you may have used on numerous occasions, you might not be informed about what to consider as you are renting these units for your event.

Consider The Need For Interior Lighting

Interior lighting is often something that people will fail to consider when they are renting portable restroom units. However, this can be an essential feature if these units will be needed during the overnight hours. Luckily, portable restrooms that offer light may not need to be connected to a generator as many modern units will utilize solar panels on the roof to charge batteries. When the night approaches, these batteries can supply the lighting inside the portable restroom with the power it needs to function. This lighting can help to keep the interior of the unit cleaner by improving the ability of those using it to see clearly, and it can reduce the risk of accidents that could result in injuries or other liabilities.

Place The Porta Potty Rentals In Accessible Areas 

When you are in the early stages of planning to rent a portable restroom, it is wise to spend time reviewing the site to determine where these units will be placed. Knowing this ahead of time can assist you with choosing a suitable number of portable restrooms while also allowing you to clearly explain to the rental service where these units should be placed when they are delivered. Individuals that are looking to rent portable restroom trailers or other larger units may find this especially useful as they may be significantly more restricted in where they are able to place these units.

Assess Whether The Porta Potty Rentals Will Need To Be Moved

There are many instances where the portable restrooms may need to eventually be moved. This is often the case for construction projects as these units may need to be relocated as the project progresses. In these cases, it can be beneficial to choose portable restroom rentals that are placed on mobile platforms. When the time comes to move these units, it will be fairly easy to move the platform with a truck or other vehicle that you may have on the site. Not surprisingly, this rental solution may be slightly more costly, but it can prove to be the more affordable solution by sparing you the need to pay for the rental service to relocate the unit when the need arises as well as minimizing the delays that this could involve.