There's nothing worse than having sewage backup through the toilets. It's especially awful when the sewage spills over onto the floor. Then, you have several problems to worry about. You've got the clog to clear, the mess to clean up, and the disinfecting to take care of. If your toilet has backed up, it's important that you avoid making mistakes that could make the problem worse. Here are four tips to help you avoid mistakes when cleaning up after a toilet backup

Avoid the Chemicals

If your toilet has backed up, don't reach for the chemicals. Many people think that chemical drain cleaners are the best way to clear up a problem toilet. But, that's not the case. In fact, you should never use chemicals to clear your toilet drains. First, chemicals can destroy your toilet drains, including the wax ring. Second, using chemicals in your toilet can cause serious injuries. This is especially true if the toilet backs up again. The chemicals could spill onto the floor if your toilet backs up a second time. Protect yourself and your toilets. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners after a toilet backup. 

Go Easy on the Plunger

If you've endured a toilet backup, you might reach for the plunger. Plungers are an effective way to clear a clogged toilet. But, you need to make sure you don't make any mistakes. The biggest mistake you can make is plunging too vigorously. Putting too much muscle behind your plunger can do some real damage to your toilet. In fact, all that pressure can actually break the wax ring. If that happens, your toilet will leak. That means you'll need to have the toilet removed to replace a new wax ring. Avoid extra repair costs. Go easy on your plunger. If a few good plunges don't remove the clog, you'll need extra help with the backup. 

Use the Right Snake

If you've decided to use a plumber's snake on your toilet, make sure you use the right one. You might think that all plumber's snakes are the same. But, that's not the case. A metal plumber's snake, or drain cable, should never be used on your toilets. That's because the metal can scratch the enamel on your toilet. If you're going to use a plumber's snake, use a toilet auger. Toilet augers won't scratch the enamel. 

Hire a Plumber

If your toilet has backed up into the bathroom, hire a plumber. This is especially important if you've already tried every other do-it-yourself method to clear up the problem. When you hire a plumber to take care of the toilet backup, you know the job will get done right the first time.