Renting a dumpster is certainly the easiest way to dispose of waste when remodeling your home, completing a landscaping project, or cleaning out a storage area. However, dumpsters are big, heavy equipment -- and if you're not careful, your rental experience could end in an injury or damage to your property. Here are four key tips to help you avoid disaster when renting a dumpster.

1. Be Realistic With Size Needs

The larger the dumpster you rent, the greater the chance its weight will damage your driveway, the movers will ding it into the side of your house, etc. So, be realistic when you choose your dumpster size, opting for the smallest dumpster that will meet your needs. You don't need a 40-yard dumpster for a garage cleanout project! A 10-yard dumpster is adequate for most home cleanout projects and small remodeling jobs. You might need a 20-yard dumpster if you're removing carpet from a room or re-roofing an average-size home.

2. Lock Your Dumpster

Some dumpster companies will give you a lock that you can use to secure the door of the dumpster. Others may not provide this lock, but you can buy one inexpensively at a home improvement store. It's important to keep the lock on the dumpster whenever you are not around and at night. This way, passersby won't be as tempted to enter the dumpster and potentially become injured while perusing through the items you've thrown away.

3. Don't Pile Debris Too High

When you are filling the dumpster, make sure you don't stack items any higher than the sides of the dumpster. You would not want anything to tumble out and hit someone on the head as they walk by the dumpster. Never toss something over the side of the dumpster either -- there could be someone inside, and you may hit them.

4. Don't Smoke Around the Dumpster

Chances are, many of the items you toss into the dumpster are flammable. So, do not smoke or have a campfire anywhere near the dumpster. Avoid grilling in the area, too. If your friends or visitors are smoking, make sure they do so far away from the dumpster. Keep a fire extinguisher -- or at least a bucket of water -- nearby in case of emergency.

To learn more about avoiding disasters when renting a dumpster, reach out to a rental company like Tennessee Trash Service, L.L.C . They can use their experiences to tell you what to do and what not to do!