The installation of a new septic tank can dramatically change the way sewage drains from your home and is properly maintained. When septic is installed, an area of your home is dug up to help accommodate the new tank. Once the tank installation has been completed, you are left with a fresh dirt area that can be transformed into a variety of different uses for your property. Instead of just leaving manhole covers on your lawn, you can strategize to create one of four different designs over the septic tank. By planning a transformation ahead of time, septic tank installers can place the tank in an ideal location that matches your needs.

Rock Gardens

Adding plants over a new septic tank creates the risk of roots seeking out the moisture inside the tank and creating structural issues. Instead of risking the integrity of a newly installed septic tank, you can choose landscape decoration like rock gardens. Rock gardens can offer great visuals for your yard and can be designed a number of different ways. You can surround the rock garden with large stones and place smaller stones on the inside. A rock garden can also have a number of artistic rocks or a special decorations like a rock fountain. The rocks are an ideal way to add a natural cover over a septic tank manhole and can help remove the visual from your yard.

Bird Viewing Area

Along with rocks, you can add a number of lawn decorations over your septic installation. The area is a great place to set up a number of bird decorations. You can hang feeders on Shepard's hooks that can attract a wide variety of species to your home. The area is also great for setting up bird houses. Large bird houses that are attached to poles can offer great ways to watch birds nest and live on your property. A large bird bath is a great decorative item that can be placed over a manhole cover. When selecting your septic tank installation location, you can choose an area that is near a porch or ideal viewing area for bird watching. This will help you obtain the best view while looking for birds and setting up a great area above the septic tank.

Potted Plants

Even though rooted plants may create an issue with the septic tank, potted plants can easily be set up in the area. Using a mulch or grass base, you can set up potted plants with a variety of flowers or small bushes. Large pots can easily cover manhole covers and add some style to your yard. If you have children in the home, the area is a great spot for building potted fairy gardens. The fairy gardens can offer great visuals and a fun hobby for children to build upon year after year. If your septic tank is being installed in the front yard, a potted plant area is a great way to add curb appeal and really showcase some nice gardening visuals.

Paved Areas

Instead of dealing with planting new grass, you can add a small paved area right over the septic tank. When you are getting your septic tank installed, you can request a tank cover that is rated to withstand the weight of concrete or asphalt. The paved area will go directly over the tank while a drainage field will feature natural lawn above it. While the paved area is not recommended for parking, it can serve many other uses for your home. For example, you can have a paved area ideal for playing basketball or other recreational sports like skateboarding. It's also a great place to have an outdoor entertainment area. You can place grills and patio furniture directly on top of the pavement. The newly paved area can wrap around the manhole covers so you still have easy access to the septic tank for draining and cleaning maintenance.

As you plan out various ideas, it's important to contact a septic company, such as Rob's Septic Tanks Inc. The professionals can help you decide on the best location and ways to implement various lawn designs that you have in mind.